Jeff Stafford

Senior Associate - Data Analytics

Seth served as a Senior Consultant on our Power BI implementation at the Teachers Retirement System of Texas.

Seth built a dimensional model, along with some extremely complex financial calculations, including Internal Rate of Return (IRR). We had tasked Tableau with this task previously, and they were unable to accomplish what Seth was able to accomplish.

I worked alongside Seth for several months, and was blown away by his work ethic, logic, intelligence, and love of complex issues. He is a consummate professional, and no task seems too large for him to tackle. Additionally, no task is beneath him. He’s willing to do whatever is needed to help the client reach the finish line with accurate results.

Honestly, I wish we had a “Seth” on our team. It was a pleasure working with him, and I am very thankful for his help. He’s a great asset.

October 13, 2018

Larry Clark

Strategic Sales Consultant

As someone who has worked as a consultant with Seth on enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence implementations for our customers, I can say he's the guy I would want implementing such a system if my budget were paying for it.

I would describe Seth as meticulous, thorough, motivated, hungry for knowledge and professional. He has acquired a solid foundation in data warehousing, data modeling, business intelligence, and data visualization through years of real-world implementations. He picks up complex technologies (Microsoft's DAX language, for example) quickly and at an impressive level of depth.

In short, Seth is a pro. He keeps his skills sharp, understands clients' business requirements, and does what it takes to put the right insights in the clients' hands.

October 11, 2018

Sree Gottumukkala

Data Warehouse Engineer

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Seth on our BI Team at Mitratech. In addition to strong analytical and presentation skills, he is also adept at team brainstorming and problem solving. Seth and I frequently collaborated on projects involving ETL and BI, where he consistently displayed great technical expertise. He has great time management skills and is our go-to person for BI dashboarding and best practices. I have learned a lot from Seth and consider him to be a great asset to any organization.

February 19, 2018

Julia Yan

Product Owner

Not only is Seth is a true expert in his field and my 'go-to' guy for anything Business Intelligence, but he also displays great leadership qualities and cares deeply about the product he delivers. Any organization would be lucky to have Seth, and I'm thankful for the time I had to work and learn from him.

February 12, 2018

Karen Oxenford-Melcher

Vice President of Sales Operations

Seth is an absolute rockstar and a joy to work with. I worked with Seth to introduce a new Business Intelligence platform (Sisense) into Mitratech's core Enterprise Legal Managment platform (TeamConnect) and present it to our customer's at our annual user conference (Interact). Even though I was the "front man" for the demo,

Seth worked tirelessly to ensure that I had everything I needed in order to tell a compelling story and demonstrate the incredible value that customers will realize from this new tool. He also owned the Q&A portion of the session providing clear answers to customer inquiries. His patience with my last minute requests, with teaching me how to use the tool effectively, and being a crucial part of the presentation made the project a success for Interact and for Mitratech's future. I highly recommend Seth for his intelligence, patience, and ownership.

January 2, 2018

Paul Saletan

Technical Product Manager

I worked closely with Seth as technical product manager at Mitratech. He quickly emerged as leader of the business intelligence team. He's not only a talented experienced developer who can rapidly implement the right design patterns. He's also a persuasive communicator whose presentations sold executive audiences on our road map. Seth's ownership of both the technical and business sides has earned us trust across our enterprise, and makes him a "go-to" person for our most important clients.

September 28, 2017

Robin Bonner

Analytics Manager

Seth worked for me as a consultant on a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence project. I can say without a doubt that I was very impressed with both his work ethic and ability to produce results in a flexible and efficient manner. He very quickly came to understand our business needs and used that understanding to help build a successful solution. He worked well on his own and also extremely well with a team of two other developers. I would highly recommend Seth for any BI/DW development project.

.March 2, 2015

Paul Felix

Business Intelligence Professional

Seth and I have worked together on two Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing projects.  He is able to grasp complex concepts quickly.  More importantly, he is eager to learn.  Seth is a very capable technician skilled in end to end BI/DW development including ETL/ELT, dimensional modeling, and report development.  Seth also has become proficient in the LeapFrogBI platform very quickly.  In short, Seth is the developer that you want on your BI/DW project.  He pays attention to detail, is able to work through complex tasks independently, and has the skills & experience needed to succeed.

February 26, 2015

Aaron Wright

Senior Business Systems Analyst

As a colleague at Tokyo Electron, Seth provided invaluable technical support and expertise. His fluency with databases and ETL sets him apart from the masses, along with his ability to work independently and with a team. As a person, Seth possesses integrity, reliability, and communication skills of the highest caliber. Definitely recommend!

December 30, 2013