Turning Complex Data Into Clear Direction

Leverage today’s data to predict tomorrow’s outcome.

With the help of Azure AI, Catapult analyzes your data to identify future trends, map and predict patterns, classify data, and catch anomalies and outliers.

Empower Your Decisions

Take a proactive approach to your success by making decisions based on scientific insight.

Predict Future Trends

Empower employees to feel prepared by predicting important trends like an influx in support calls.

Anticipate Business Needs

Predict traffic and drive the route that’ll take you past your competition.

Services Offered


Data Mining


Data Science

Machine Learning.png

Machine Learning

Statistical Analysis

Business Applications

  • Target prospects by identifying customers that are likely to be interested in additional products

  • Improve forecast accuracy with data that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your demand forecasts

  • Maximize revenue from existing customers by utilizing customer analytics for effective cross-selling

  • Retain existing customers by identifying at-risk indicators and actionable triggers

  • Gain deeper understanding with enriched forecasts and analyses that provide a broader view of your customers

Technologies Used